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Did you know? National Intensives (and similar websites) advertise a 40 hour intensive course for £2467.99!! And only £1040 of it goes to the instructor. The rest they keep in their pocket. You will not find a reputable driving instructor that will work for £1040 for 40 hours work (that equates to £26 per hour!! After expenses that poor instructor would be earning less than the national living wage). They do not employ any driving instructors so as soon as you make a booking they plough through the instructor register on and text as many as they can in the correct area to see if they can find one willing to work for £26 per hour. Needless to say, they stand little chance of finding one and if they did, the credentials and ability of a driving instructor willing to work for that little money will be very poor. In the meantime, they have profited over £1400 from you. 


Our 5 day beginner intensive courses are roughly structured as follows:
Day One (8 Hours)
Detailed controls lesson including a mechanical understanding of the car. 
Moving off and Stopping. 
Turning/Emerging Left and Right. 
Hill starts. 
Day Two (8 Hours)
Turning/Emerging Left and Right. 
Emergency Stops. 
Day Three (8 Hours)
Dual Carriageway. 
Country Roads including single track. 
Day Four (8 Hours)
Independent driving including following road signs and sat nav. 
Day Five (8 Hours)
Recap on areas of weakness. 
Mock Tests. 


All intensive courses are fully adaptable and we make sure there are plenty of chances to have a break throughout each day. We don’t provide food or refreshments and if you bring cake with you then you must be willing to share it (😂). 
We offer courses for all levels of driving so if you have prior experience then please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a plan for you. 
Pick up and finish is always from home and the course will be structured and delivered around Newton Abbot. Where the student is capable, they will do the driving to and from Newton Abbot. Each day is 4 or 8 hours long. 


What does it cost? 
It depends what length course you want and the prices are advertised on our website
To book the course you must pay in full. We can offer flexible payment options, subject to your financial status.


Wow! That’s a lot of money!!
Or is it??
DVSA Stats show that the average amount of hours for a 17-19 year old in the UK to be road ready is 45 hours. That equates to £1800. 
So as long as your ready for a test, it theoretically saves you money!


How do we take payment?
Preferably by bank transfer but we can take card too. If you would rather pay by credit card to spread the cost of the course then we can take a card payment and we can also offer flexible payment options through Paypal, subject to your financial status. 


What is the cancellation policy?
Courses cancelled by you up to 4 weeks before the start of the course date are 50% refundable. Courses cancelled within 4 weeks of the start date are not refundable. You may reschedule your course to a later date if the start date is more than 4 weeks away.
Courses cancelled by us due to mechanical failure or illness will be rescheduled by us. If we are unable to find a suitable date for you then we will refund you the full fee. 


Do you need to have passed the theory test?
You don’t need to have passed the theory test to book and take a course with us. However you or we will not be able to book a practical driving test until you have passed your theory test. This can be done by visiting


Test at the end of the course?
It is possible to take a test at the end of your course, we do however urge you to book your test for at least 5 working days after the course due to the very unlikely event you are not quite ready for a driving test. If you book a test for the end of the week and you are not ready for a test, we cannot take you to a test and you may lose your test fee. 
Full terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. 
Send us a message for details.

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