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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is an 8 hour day too long on an intensive course?

A. For most people, 8 hour days are very achievable and very productive. Occasional breaks when fatigue sets in can solve most issues. The content you can learn on an 8 hour day is great. For those who do not think they can do 8 hours, then we can offer 4 hour intensive days.

Q. How long are normal weekly lessons?

A. The lesson length can vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours long, depending on your location and the instructor teaching you.

Q. What if i'm not ready for my driving test?

A. If you have been taking a regular weekly lesson with us then we will not leave it to the last minute to tell you this. We aim to advise you around 4 weeks before your test if you will not be ready. For intensive courses, if by the end of the 2nd day we feel you are not ready then we will advise that you do not go to test as planned. We will always make a plan to give you extra tuition and we will take you to your test when we feel you are ready.

Q. Why won't you let me take my test if I'm not quite ready?

A. Believe it or not, this is a common question. We will not take you to a driving test if you are not ready to be on the road by yourself. We are proven road safety professionals and we know when someone is safe to be on the road. We also have an obligation to protect the DVSA examiners and our livelihoods.  The DVSA also use the results our candidates achieve at test to assess us and if we were submitting candidates that are not ready then we risk loosing our licence to teach.

Q. If i fail my test, will you keep working with me?

A. Absolutely! We would never tell anyone that every student passes their test first time round and there is not an instructor anywhere that could honestly claim that, but we can confidently say that most of our students pass first time round. We are with you to the very end and when you have passed your test.

Q. I have seen other driving schools charging less than you. Can you do it for the same price?

A. No. Our prices are our prices and they reflect the level of service that we give. If someone charges a lot less than us then their price probably reflects the lesser service they give in comparison. If you think the cost of hiring a professional is expensive then wait until you see the cost of hiring an amateur! We keep our prices similar to other reputable driving schools.

Q. Are your cars insured and dual controlled?

A. All of our cars are insured for UK licence holders to drive, whether they are full licence holders or learner drivers. All of our cars are dual controlled.

Q. Are all of your instructors qualified?

A. All of our ADI's are fully trained, qualified and accredited by the DVSA. We do train instructors and when the trainees reach an advanced standard, they sometimes go on the road to teach, under licence granted by the DVSA. We would tell you if your instructor is a trainee.

Q. Can I hire you for test day only?

A. Absolutely not. We receive a lot of requests for this and we are not a car hire company. We will take students that we have trained to test, as long as they are ready. 

Q. How many lessons will i need to pass my test?

A. Great question! This one gets asked a lot and the simple answer is, we don't know! There is no "one size fits all" approach to learning to drive but as a rough guideline, a 17-19 year old should expect to need 35-60 hours of professional instruction. The older you are, typically the longer it takes. 

Q. I'm really anxious, will i be able to do this?

A. Yes! An anxious driver makes a really safe driver.  We have such a relaxed and laid back approach to lessons and it works well for anxious drivers and all sorts of disabilities.

Q. When i took my test 30 years ago, I only had 10 lessons and passed first time.

A. Didn't we all! Well it certainly seems that way sometimes. The roads have changed a lot over the last 30 years and the volume of traffic is very different. The criteria to pass a test is the highest it has ever been and you will not be able to do it in 10 hours. The average for a 17-19 year old is closer to 50 hours.

Q. How far in advance should i book with you?

A. We urge you to book in with us at least 3-6 months before your 17th birthday. We receive a lot of enquiries for people who have just turned 17 and have not booked in advance. To secure a reputable driving instructor, you need to plan well ahead. 

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