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Fleet Training

If you run a fleet of drivers, from a few to many, then we can help you help your business to save money and keep your reputation strong.

Fleet Training

If you run a fleet of drivers, we may be able to help you keep them up to scratch. A twice yearly assessment of their driving allows you as a business owner understand how your drivers are driving on the road. Safe guarding your reputation as well as keeping costs down is worth its weight in gold. If your drivers are trained to drive "eco-safe", you can also keep the cost of fuel and maintenance down. 

You can save money!

By having your drivers regularly assessed, you can reap the rewards of having a safer team on the roads. Drivers who drive "eco-safe" are less likely to be involved with incidents on the road, your vehicles will need less maintaining and all those dents and scratched could become a thing of the past. You could save a fortune by simply having a fleet trainer assess your drivers.

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